Truely a great mass masala entertainer.A movie created for the Compleat Actor Mohan Lal .The movie was directed by Prithviraj Sugmaran produced by Antony Perimbavur under the banner of Aashirvad Films.The fime has broken may record by this time. The movie comes in the category of political thriller. In the first half the story is indeed a political movie,which tell us the coraption and funding business that are helping and leeding our countries political parties.The story and script is by Murali Gopi.The story is not that good but the script was nice.The filme got its strength by the direction of Pritviraj.He made the sory that much intesting through his direction.Stil being his first movie he need to look some more closser to his shots,iam not a film expert to criticize him, but being a viewer i found some unclarity in certan portions.Over-all the movie is a great treat to watch.And my rating for the movie would be a 4/5.

Mohan Lal


The Butterfly Effect is a Hollywood movie released in 2007 which comes u der the category of thriller/science fiction.The movie is written and directed by Eric Bress & J.Macye Gruber.The movie tells the story of a boy named Evan who suffers headache that cause his blackouts.While unconscious,he is able to do time travel and alter his past and this effects his present life.The over all making of the movie is good,the direction was good and up to my expectations.The screenplay and the thrilling story line keeps everything one the edgeot there seats and will make us think.There is a bit of lag on the course of the movie but over all a good one.I would rate the movie with a 3star out of 5.